The new album

This is September. A piano album that contains one improvisation that’s exactly 43 minutes long. The length and the complexity of some parts of the music can be a little overwhelming at first. Specially in a time in which music can been seen as a commercial product. Something that needs to be consumed fast and easily in order for it to be successful. September isn’t made to satisfy the music industry, but to satisfy the listener who isn’t looking for a fast musical snack. Someone who is ready to invest some time and effort to get gratification.

Above all September is a musical story. A narration in which similar musical expressions change over time. Just like a sentence can get a different meaning according to the context it is used in, the impact of the same melodie will drastically change according to the way it is expressed.

September: a month in which rain can mean happiness or sadness. A month in which sunshine can bring hope or despair.


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The piano

Since the release of his previous album ‘In de Spiegel’ Jef has been searching for a very specific sound that can be described as a ‘mysterious colourful diamand’. Sparkling, but at the same time very deep and dark. An instrument that could surpass the piano he has been using in his 6 previous albums in which he used the famous Steinway D.

After a selection process that took more than 2 years Jef found the sound he was looking for in a Yamaha CFX. A carefully selected handmade grand piano from Japan. By making the hammers a bit harder than usual, a perfect sparkling sound could be created without losing any depth.

Yamaha CFX
concertgebouw amsterdam

A perfect shoe-box

On September you can hear emotional acoustics produced by an architecture that has been a mystery for many years. We are talking about The Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. One of the best concert halls in the world.

Recently researchers have discovered the hall gets its mysterious power cause of the way it is designed. Cause of the shoe-box-like shape, the hall produces sounds that make the hairs on the back of the audience's neck stand up.

Jef attempts to build bridges between seemingly different worlds: Classical- pop- jazz- and contemporary music. All of this is done through improvisation.

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